The Train Project
After a 20 year absence from the model train hobby, we decided to get out the old Marklin stuff and build a layout in the basement.  The world of model railroading had changed quite a bit in our absence; everything is now digital.  In order to understand the digital operational theory, we bought some digital equipment and threw together an evaluation layout on a 4x8 sheet of plywood.  After evaluating the operational characteristics of the digital system, we decided to proceed with our layout plans. This site chronicles our efforts. 
After working on our layout for a while, we realized that we were centering our efforts on era IV-V.  This would make it unrealistic to include our turntable and steam loks on the layout, so we started a smaller, much simpler layout to focus on this era (II - III)


eraIV Era IV-V

ir   Infrared train detection and positioning